how Foodparade works, how you pay,
where you can sit and what to look forward to...

what is foodparade?

In what has become a lovely tradition, each year the gardens of Chateau Troja host a food festival full of outstanding restaurants that offer tasting menus.

FESTIVAL currency

Czech money is not used within the festival grounds. During the entire festival a special currency called the “chef” is used. 1 chef is worth 20 CZK. When you enter the festival you will receive a festival card that you charge with chefs.

If you run out of chefs during the festival, just stop by one of the many TOP UP Points located throughout the festival where you can easily add chefs.


You can attend Foodparade with your children, friends and even pet. The festival prides itself in its open and friendly atmosphere, just perfect for loved ones. Special picnic zones are set aside for you to sit and relax in the shade of trees and enjoy your tasting menu.

We will be happy to lend you picnic blankets or you can bring your own. Naturally there is plenty of seating and bistro tables throughout the gardens for you to really enjoy the festival.

relaxation zones

There are also several relaxation zones set up for you throughout the festival.


We are here for people who love good food, and that’s why you won’t find any paper plates or plastic utensils. All tasting menus are served on porcelain plates.

Drinks are served in glasses and we use real utensils, so you don’t have to worry about broken forks in your food.

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