Regal Burger


Regál started out on the streets of Bratislava in 2012. A group of foodies created the Bratislavský regál FB page to map out quality foods in Bratislava stores, markets and restaurants. Over time these young culinary enthusiasts shifted from computers to grills and began to fulfil their dream. For them 2013 was the year of the burger. They started in July at the Pohoda festival in Trenčín and then they continued on to Piesťany. Encouraged by the overwhelming response from festival-goers they found a lovely space in the center of Bratislava. From there things moved quickly. In January 2014 they held their grand opening and before you knew it they opened a second location. In the summer of 2015 they bought an old Karosa ŠD11 bus from 1976 and headed out among the people.

In a few weeks they traveled hundreds of kilometers without mishap and went wherever they could. In May 2017 they opened a third location in Prague. And what is the secret to their success? A quality burger is mainly about the meat. The meat in Regál burgers comes from the Czech IQ Bio Beef Company and expansive pastures in the Ore Mountains where the animals range free year-round. The company’s philosophy is that a happy bull = excellent burger. The meat does not contain any antibiotics or growth hormones, chemical softeners or other additives. It is high-quality, 100% beef that is treated with the care and respect it deserves. And like their meat, they carefully select the buns, quality bush tomatoes and fresh lettuce. Try their burger and you’ll see for yourself.


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