adults 150 - 200 CZK
one-day / Two-day

Price includes
120 CZK one-day entry / 170 two-day entry
30 CZK chip

children, Seniors aND Handicaped free

Applies to visitors of age over 70 or under 15 have admittion free, as well as pregnant ladies and handicaped fans with their assistant.

At the entrance, you will present your ticket and be given a contactless chip.

You can put any amount you want on this chip at cash registers and top-up kiosks. When you leave, return the chip and get your deposit back.

When buying your tickets you can also purchase pre-charged credit.  Additional consumption can be purchased on-line at values of 500 CZK and 1000 CZK, or you can add any amount at a Top-up point.